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Welcome to zenPay's technical documentation!

What is zenPay?

zenPay is a digital payment hub that connects clients directly with their local merchants and their exclusive new products.
It does this by being fully decentralized: zenPay is owned and run by a vibrant, open-source community of merchants, consumers, developers, and partners all around the world. zenPay gives merchants the power to share unique products and monetize sales directly. Developers can build their own apps on top of zenPay, giving them access to one of the most unique payment hubs made for open commerce.
Under the hood, zenPay is both a protocol & platform merging the best of the blockchain with an extremely intuitive UI that enables merchants to run their commerce operations smoothly, efficiently, and with peace of mind. zenPay integrates with other open commerce protocols to offer merchants the ultimate commerce stack where they have ownership, property rights, and decision over what happens with their transactions, customers, and data. zenPay is open source, open access, and open ownership.

Why zenPay?

Commerce has been dramatically changed by technology in the last two decades. Building a store and selling products to a community no longer requires a bank loan, real estate, or suppliers. Anyone in their bedroom can start with inexpensive software. Similarly, the distribution of merchandise has changed from department stores to big online aggregators like Amazon or Alibaba who provide access to almost any product available; commerce platforms have enabled merchants and aggregators to distribute their products and connect with communities in new and better ways.
zenPay is the most direct-to-consumer alternative to existing digital commerce platforms, giving Merchants and Consumers direct access to one another and ownership & equity in the network they (and you!) are helping to create.


This documentation site guides you through how to familiarise yourself with zenPay concepts, how to participate in the protocol & community from a technical perspective, and how to interact with and use the $ZENPAY token.
If you've found yourself here and are confused, check out the reference music player implementation at and join our Discord.
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